Ace of Hearts started to take shape when Antonio and Andrea decided to join forces to create a band with a sound that would combine dark aggressive metal with beautiful classic arrangements and explosive melodies.

Antonio and Andrea decided to invite a fellow band mate, Federico (from Secret Sphere), whilst Gianmaria was given the role of lead guitarist. Together they started writing the material for Ace of Hearts’ debut work.

Ace of Hearts

Whilst working on the tracks, the band started looking for a singer. This proved to be a tough task as the singer they were searching for required great versatility and uniqueness. Finally, after four months, the band made contact with a talented singer from London, Johnny Icon. With Antonio’s overwhelming keyboards, the explosive, yet touching, guitar playing of Gianmaria, the power of both Andrea’s bass guitar lines and Federico’s drums plus the incredible voice of Johnny Icon, Ace of Hearts’ sound can remind the listener of bands like Metallica, Nightwish or HIM.

Confused? Then all you’ve got to do is to listen to the record!!!

Johnny Icon: Singer

Johnny Icon

Previous bands: Icon & The Black Roses

Age: 32

Bio: I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. I started playing guitar when I was 10 following the steps of a classmate who the girls seemed to love. I guess I wanted the attention but very soon I realised that I had found my true passion and started writing songs straight away. I frequented a couple of music schools and when I turned 15 I joined a doom metal band called Delightful Solitude. As I was so young and, had very strong ideas, the band decided to offload me just before they recorded their demo, which had a couple of sections written by me.

After this period I was in a number of bands without taking any of them seriously enough to do any real work. I suppose I didn't know how to at the time. Eventually, I started a band called Blue Obsession that later became Icon & The Black Roses, with whom I released an album in 2004.

Icon split shortly after, for so many reasons it would be hard to describe them here. In the meantime I had been working on my solo stuff but found it quite hard to motivate myself as I was working on my own.

I decided to move to London as I needed a change and it was during this period that I got in touch with Ace of Hearts. I was asked to record some vocals on some of their demos which eventually lead to our album.

Antonio Agate: Keyboards

 Antonio Agate

Previous bands: Secret Sphere

Age: 32

Bio: I started playing keyboard when I was 8. I was inspired by my father who was a keyboard player too. He passed his passion and love for music on to me. I've studied music until I got to my twenties. I decided I needed to step it up and joined several local bands in Alessandria. In 1998 I left all my projects to join the melodic power metal band Secret Sphere.

I have written seven albums with them but after such a long period I decided it was time to part ways, mostly due to the lack of compatibility with my other projects. I felt I needed more time to dedicate myself to my personal and professional life.

I carried on writing music and working on musical arrangements up until 2005 when Andrea asked me to write some material for a Goth Metal band, that is the beginning of Ace of Hearts as it is now. So, here I am again ready to share my emotions and music with you all.

Gianmaria Saddi: Guitars


Previous bands: Odd Dimension

Age: 33

I started to study music at the age of 8 and inspired by the style of musicians such as Brian May and Dave Murray I taught myself how to play guitar at the age of 13. I decided to start taking lessons at the ‘Academy of Chamber Music’ in Alessandria (Italy) and started studying jazz in 1996 attending harmony and improvisation lessons at the Berklee College of Music. I have decided to start my own band, Odd Dimension.

In 2009, when Andrea and Antonio asked me if I wanted to join the band, I immediately said yes and started writting songs. With Johnny and Federico, the band was complete and it has been great ever since. I feel proud of what we achieved so far and I look froward to sharing our music with you all.

In 2011 I signed an endorsement contract with the prestigious Los Angeles clothing line "Affliction".

Andrea Buratto: Bass

Andrea Buratto

Previous bands: Secret Sphere, Hell In The Club

Age: 31

I started playing when I was 12 and I grew up listening to Queen and Guns n' Roses. I worked with a number of bands but was never fully committed until I joined Secret Sphere with which I recorded several albums and toured Europe.

I listen to all sorts of music styles and because of that I felt I wanted to be involved in different projects. That is why I started Hell in the Club and with Antonio, Ace of Hearts. Music is my life.

Federico Pennazzato: Drums

Federico Pennazzato

Previous bands: Secret Sphere, Hell In The Club, Odd Dimension

Age: 29

I started playing drums when I was 10 years old and I grew up listening to rock bands such as Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. I eventually moved on to heavier stuff like Iron Maiden and Metallica. I suppose this has driven me to play the same style in different metal bands.

I have been working with both Odd Dimension and Secret Sphere. My story with Ace is quite simple, my bandmates Andy, Antonio and Gian asked me to play in their new band. I heard a couple of demo songs (which already had Johnny on vocals) that blew me away. I accepted the offer straight away!